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Icon Craft is easily one of the best icon development and editing tools available. Even though Icon Craft doesn’t come with any kind of tutorial, users will find that navigating the program a few times leads to a clear understanding of the ways that this tool can be used. Icon Craft’s interface is self-explanatory and intuitive, which makes for an excellent icon development tool all-around.


Using Icon Craft is a cinch if you’ve used icon development tools such as this one before. If not, you may find that Icon Craft has a slight learning curve, but a handy Help file can conquer any problems met. If, for some reason, the Help file is not adequate enough, Icon Craft does come with a email support system that’s truly beneficial.

Main Function

As with most icon development tools, Icon Craft was created and designed for developers of icons. If you like to develop icons, work as an icon developer, or simply want to change the appearance of icons on your desktop, this is one of the best programs available.

Extra Features

The impressive thing about Icon Craft is that this program will support a very large number of imports and export formats, and it also comes with more options than most other programs in its class. In addition to supporting various programs, Icon Craft includes a very useful library tool that makes searches a cinch.


If you need an excellent icon editing and creation tool, Icon Craft is worth every penny for $39.95.

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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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